San Francisco

Renting Storage Space in San Francisco – Factors that Affect the Price

San Francisco derived its name from a mission named after St Francis of Assisi by the Spanish colonists who entered the area on June 29, 1776. By 1849, the city had already become the most populous city in the West Coast owing to the California Gold Rush of 1849. In 1856, San Francisco was made a consolidated city-county. Though, the city experience some turbulent periods in the course of its history, it has become one of the well known cities in the US. It is not just a popular tourist destination but also popular commercial hub of the state of California. There are a lot of companies such as Pinterest and Craigslist and financial institutions in the city. People come into the city for a number of reasons such as tourism, education, business and employment. Some of these visitors eventually settle down in the city after finding it interesting.

As a city with enormous population, definitely a lot of its residents and those that just move into the city will require storage service. There are companies that provide storage services in the city. But as normal with other business, they offer their storage services at different prices. However, the cost of renting storage container in San Francisco is generally determined by a number of factors. Some of the factors that determine the cost include but not limited to following:

The Size of the Storage Container – Different sizes of storage containers are provided by the storage facilities. There are extra, large, big, medium and small size storage containers. The size of storage container you rent is tantamount to the amount of storage space provided for you. If you rent large size of storage facility for example, you will pay more than a person that rent small size of storage container.

The Amount of Items to be Stored – This is strongly related to the size of your container. If you are storing many items, it means that you will require large size storage container or more storage space and thus you will be paying more money than a person that has few items to keep.

Types of Items – The types of items to be stored is another factor that determines the cost of storage facility. If you are storing very costly item or valuable that requires extra security or attention, you may likely pay more money especially on insurance than a person that keeps inexpensive items.

Location – This is another factor that determines the cost of storage service in San Francisco. Storage facilities that are located in an easily, more accessible and more developed areas are likely to be more expensive than storage facilities that are located in areas that are difficult to access owing to reasons such as traffic jams, narrow roads and others.

Security – People consider security and other features available in a storage facility. A storage facility that offers strong security or that installs various security surveillance systems including human security will likely going to charge more money than a facility that has not got strong security. This is because the facility will require more money in order to maintain the security systems and other features available in their facility. Besides, their clients will have rest of minds that their items are in safe hands.

The above are some of the factors that affect the cost of renting storage facility in San Francisco. So, when you are comparing quotes, you have to factor in the above points and not just on price.